“Pharmed Pharmaceutical Management System” is a system that allows the monitoring of the process from the pharmacy to the patient, the management of the drugs in the hospital, the reporting, and the delivery of drugs to the patient in a controlled manner by ensuring drug safety.


The server that manages the automation system


Used as station manager.


Bedside Patient Verification System

What benefits does Pharmed Pharmaceutical Management System provide to users?

Patient Safety

It ensures that the right drug is given to the right patient, at the right time, by the right route, and at the right dose.

User Satisfaction

It ensures that the user’s medications during the day are controlled and accessible in the 24/7 service.


Thanks to the statistical data it provides,
it enables accurate drug planning.


Controlled and safe access to medicines, thanks to the Pharmed stations created in the services.


Pharmaceutical automation and streamlined workflow it provides.


Save time in the drug access process.