Pharmed Manager

Pharmed Manager is the control unit which manages and monitors all type of action on Pharmed System

Mainly responsible for;

  • Identification ( User, drug and station)
  • Authorization (User, station)
  • Reporting

Pharmed Window” is integrated into the system administrator as an auxiliary unit. Installation is done in the pharmacy department. On a station basis; Special cases such as drugs approaching the critical stock value, drugs approaching their expiration date, or drugs with inconsistency are reported graphically and the user is instantly warned on the screen.

  • Pharmed Window is the system information screen which instantaneously communicates important events on Pharmed system.

Pharmed Backup” is integrated into the system administrator as an auxiliary unit. All data in the Pharmed drug management system is backed up. The backup process automatically backs up the entire system within specified times. System security is ensured.

  • This unit backups all types of action (detailed) on Pharmed system in the last year.

Pharmed Console” is integrated as an auxiliary unit to the system administrator. It is controlled by pharmacists as an auxiliary unit. It is ensured that the daily drug mobility of the system is controlled and managed.

  • Pharmed PRO is an interface software which provides communication between Hospital Information System (HIS) and Pharmed
  • Pharmed PRO also provides information from HIS to Pharmed Manager on In-Patient, Out-Patient and Prescription
  • Pharmed PRO communicates all actions on Pharmed system to HIS