Pharmed Station

Pharmed Drug Master” is used as station manager. It provides controlled distribution and reporting of inventories in cabins connected to the station. Depending on the stock in the clinic, more than one Pharmed Drug Slave cabinet can be added in addition to the Pharmed Drug Master cabinet. It is used for the storage and management of controlled drugs, anesthetics, ampoules and vials in the clinic. The highest level of security is ensured by opening the drawers only enough to take the prescribed amount of product. In “Pharmed Drug Master” and “Pharmed Drug Slave units; unit dose (single dose) and drawer types with closed compartments are used. Drawer configuration can be adjusted according to clinical need.

Pharmed Serum & Drug Single” is used as an auxiliary cabin in the station. Controlled serum, medical supplies and syrup etc. in the clinic. Used for storing and managing products. In the cabinet, only the compartment containing the prescribed product is opened. This ensures a high level of security. In the “Pharmed Serum & Drug Single” unit, multiple access to the drug is provided by using an open drawer.

Drawer with open compartments 500 Lt. It consists of 4 eyes.

Pharmed Serum & Drug Double cabinet with open compartments 1000 Lt. It consists of 8 eyes.

The “Pharmed RF-CountBox” is used as an auxiliary unit in the “Pharmed Serum & Drug Single” and “Pharmed Serum & Drug Double” cabinets in the station. It also adapts to the existing storage system. The “Pharmed RF-CountBox” unit is a unit that counts medical supplies with multiple access and performs their purchase and return. This unit provides controlled stock management by sending purchase and return information to the “Pharmed Drug Master” management station.

Pharmed CCL” (Electromechanical Refrigerator Lock with Thermometer) is used as an auxiliary unit in the station. It is designed for the storage of drugs that require cold chain between 2-8 degrees. The “Pharmed CCL” unit is mounted on the cold chain units in the hospital. When the internal temperature of the cold chain unit goes out of the determined levels, it is provided to the user to follow up both on the “Pharmed CCL” screen and by sending a warning to the “Pharmed Drug Master” station manager.

  • It is a refrigerator lock which is integrated in the system for the drugs that should be kept under cold chain conditions.
    – Media – Inner temperature monitoring
    – Audio-visual warning system